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Political power for renters in Lane County and beyond.


Supporting candidates and policies that are good for renters.

Eugene Tenant Alliance is a Political Action Committee Registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. We have three at large members and then every tenant organization or building union in Lane County gets an automatic delegate spot to the Eugene Tenant Alliance PAC board.  Eugene Tenant Alliance has fought for new tenant protections in Eugene, including passing a $10 cap on application fees, increasing fees on landlords to fund tenant support services, and are currently fighting for Displacement Prevention Assistance(similar to Portland's relocation assistance).


Current Campaigns

The Focus of Our Efforts


Capping Rent Increases in Oregon

Passing SB 611 or HB 2733


Eugene Renter Protections Phase 2

Capping Security Deposits and Financial Assistance for no-cause evictions


Stay in the Know

Across the U.S., people face sky-high rents and a housing shortage. But for many, the first barrier is the rental application fee. It can add up to hundreds of dollars. As NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports, states and cities are trying to limit the fees, but it's proving tough.

Two property management groups are suing Eugene over what they describe as an "arbitrary" cap on rental screening fees passed over the summer.

City officials passed the $10 cap in July as part of a first slate of renter protections, which City Council is considering in three phases.

After months of discussion, City Council voted 6-2 to enact five protections that one councilor described as having minimal impact on landlords. The code changes will go into effect 31 days after the mayor signs the ordinance passed Monday night, which a spokesperson said should happen within the next couple of days.

Eugene Tenant Alliance

Eugene Tenant Alliance

Eugene Tenant Alliance
Eugene Hotel Seniors Speak Out

Eugene Hotel Seniors Speak Out

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96 year-old Senior Speaks out on Rent Hikes

96 year-old Senior Speaks out on Rent Hikes

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How to Follow Tenant Protections Bills in the Oregon Legislature

How to Follow Tenant Protections Bills in the Oregon Legislature

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Eugene, OR, USA

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