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The rent cap bill's hearing is Monday. Join our week of Action!

As the Eugene Tenant Alliance, we want to bring attention to the effects of rising rent costs and homelessness in Oregon. Despite being in a Renters' State of Emergency for years, the recent rent cap increase to 14.6% has pushed more tenants to the edge, especially after the pandemic and record inflation.

To address this issue, Senate Bill 611 has been proposed to lower the rent cap to 3% + Consumer Price Index and set a maximum increase at 8% regardless of the CPI. This bill will have its first public hearing on Monday, March 27th at 8:00 am in the Oregon Legislature's Housing Committee.

As tenants and advocates, it's crucial that our elected officials hear from us directly about why passing this legislation is critical. To support this cause, we are joining the Community Alliance of Tenant’s Week of Action. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Work Session Wednesday: Call the Housing Committee members and tell them to pass Senate Bill 611. Join us live on Zoom on Wednesday, March 23rd at 2:30 pm for a virtual call party to flood their offices with messages in support of rolling back the rent. Registration is required, click the link to register.

Senate Housing Committee Members:

  • Kayse Jama - 503-986-1724 / (Chair)

  • Dick Anderson - 503-986-1705 / (Vice Chair)

  • Tim Knopp - (503) 986-1727 / (Member)

  • Deb Patterson - 503-986-1710 / (Member)

  • Janeen Sollman - 503-986-1715 / (Member)

Senator Tim Knopp has publicly said it is his mission to kill this bill. Make sure he hears us loud and clear: Renters in Oregon need SB 611.

  • Phone Tree Friday: Make a list of at least three people you know and ask them to submit written testimony to the state Housing Committee in support of Senate Bill 611. If they need additional support in developing their testimony, they can email Donovan at

Other ideas for the Oregon Tenant Week of Action include designing a banner with friends and neighbors and posting it up in a public place or making a sign showing your support of SB 611 and posting it where it can be seen.

Let's work together to roll back rent and prevent high-rent homelessness in Oregon!

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