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We need your support for Phase 2 of the Eugene Renter Protections NOW!

URGENT: Eugene Renter Protections Phase 2

Attention all renters! We need your support for Phase 2 of the Eugene Renter Protections NOW!

The proposed policy would require landlords within city limits to provide three months' fair market rent as a lease break fee to tenants who receive a no-cause eviction notice. Additionally, renters who are forced to move due to a rent hike greater than 5% would qualify for displacement prevention assistance. This is crucial in preventing homelessness and ensuring landlords take responsibility for the consequences of their business decisions.

We cannot let this opportunity slip away! Phase 2 also includes capping security deposits at 2x the monthly rent and requiring landlords to process applications in the order received. We need your help to make this happen.

Join us at the hearing on March 13th at 5:30pm and show your support. This policy has been in the works for a long time, and we need to make sure it passes. RSVP on Facebook or through the Google form provided. We have sample testimony and a one-pager to help you prepare. Don't wait, act now!

While we are gearing up for March 13th, please fire off an email to the city council. Please copy + paste and send the email below.

Here's a sample email to the Eugene City Council to support Phase 2 of the Eugene Renter Protections:

Subject: Pass Renter Protections and Displacement Prevention Assistance right away!

Dear Eugene City Council and staff,

I am writing to express my strong support for Phase 2 of the Eugene Renter Protections, specifically the Displacement Prevention Assistance (DPA) measure. As a resident of Eugene, I believe it is crucial to protect renters from being unfairly displaced due to no-cause evictions and rent hikes.

I urge you to pass Phase 2 of the Eugene Renter Protections as soon as possible to ensure that renters have access to the necessary resources to prevent homelessness and find affordable housing. The DPA measure, in particular, will provide much-needed support for renters who are facing displacement due to no fault of their own.

[Include personal story if applicable]

I believe that the proposed policies are crucial consumer protections that have been thoroughly discussed and vetted through a robust community engagement process. It is time for the Eugene City Council to take action and pass these important renter protections.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Your leadership and action are essential to ensuring a fair and equitable housing market in Eugene.


[Your name]

Capping Rent Increases in Oregon - SB 611 Update

Eugene Tenant Alliance is now officially part of the Stable Homes for Oregon Families Coalition, which is a statewide coalition of tenant organizations, advocacy groups, unions, and other organizations working to pass statewide tenant protections.

One of the bills we are working on with them is Senate Bill 611, which would roll back the current allowable rent increases. Under SB 611, rent increases would be limited to 3 percentage points above inflation with a maximum cap of 8%. Under current law, rents can increase 7 percentage points above inflation, which is why this year's allowable rent increase is 14.6%.

SB 611 also narrows the current loophole that exempts newer buildings from ANY rent limits. Under SB 611, the exemption for new properties lasts only 3 years instead of the current 15.

If you have received a big rent increase, please fill out this survey from stable homes! Letting lawmakers know what renters are facing is really important and will help increase support for this important bill.

Fill out this survey: Rent increase story survey

Eugene Tenant Alliance has collected more than 30 written testimonies in support of SB 611. We are still organizing to get more. We made a testimony template here. Make your edits, and send it to us at and we will submit it on your behalf.

Eviction Prevention, Rent Assistance, and Housing Production - HB2001 and HB5019

Oregon lawmakers have announced plans to spend nearly $200 million in the coming weeks to address housing and homelessness in the state. The package includes $130 million requested by Gov. Tina Kotek earlier this year, which will be used for rent assistance, eviction prevention services, shelter beds, and funding for culturally responsive organizations and tribes providing homelessness services. Additional funding of tens of millions of dollars will be used to address homelessness in rural areas, support homeless youth, and encourage the production of modular homes. The package also includes changes to the state's land use system, prioritizing housing construction over "citizen engagement." he bill includes essential provisions of SB 799, the eviction reform act, one of the Eugene Tenant Alliance’s priority bills

Unfortunately, the snow storm shut down the capitol on Thursday morning and caused this bill’s hearing and worksession to be delayed. It has been rescheduled for Feb. 27. One of our organizers, Mysti, sent in some testimony. We hope that this will pass soon so that our neighbors that may have fallen behind on their rent can get the assistance they need to stay housed.

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